First blog post 😬

Hello all 😄

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Author Spotlight: Claire Bartlett

I’ve recently had the opportunity to interview a fellow author thanks to the wonderful #51writers group on Twitter. Today we meet Claire Bartlett, who writes Fantasy with an interesting twist. Read on to get to know Claire and her upcoming works! Onto the interview!! Shared question: Tell me a little bit about yourself. I’m a 29 […]

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Just Write

There comes a time in every writer’s journey where your words come to a standstill. This virtual halt can be due to any number of reasons; not enough time, had to work, the kids need fed, house needs cleaned, etc. Don’t get me wrong, I know these words have come out of my mouth on […]

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Overwriter or Underwriter?

In my journey so far, I’ve come across these questions or categories in blogs, vlogs, posts and articles. Each category with its own pro/con list to justify why they’re better than the other, as if it’s some competition. Here are some I’ve heard throughout my research (procrastination). Underwriters: Pro: The drafting process has the potential […]

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Indie Author Spotlight: Heather Weicht

Writing is difficult. With all of the focus it takes to pour your heart (and brain) into a novel or story and then publish and marketing, we sometimes forget that it’s not a competition. As authors it’s not only important to get your own words out there but to support fellow authors as well. Here is an inside look at one author I had the pleasure of beta reading for and her outlook on writing.

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Non-existent Apps for Writers 

Have you ever sat and thought about all the strange apps out there?  There’s one for basically everything. From Don’t pet the Puppy to food delivery services and everything in between.  While some apps can be beneficial to writers such as dictation apps or my favorite word processor Pages, there’s a lot that still have yet […]

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Writer Habits: Part 2

Moving down the list of strange habits my brain has picked up on this journey of mine, we move on to this:  Everything has a backstory. Let’s be clear, I’m not just talking about plots in current WIPs, I’m talking about when you are at a park, or coffee shop, or library… anywhere that contains […]

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How I Knew This Novel Was the One

I’ve always been a pretty creative person, my hobbies have always bounced around some kind of art. Whether I was sketching or writing, I even crochet and do some(minor) knitting when I need to keep my hand busy. Most of those hobbies or minor projects got thrown to the side the moment something new popped […]

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