Writer Habits: Part 2

Moving down the list of strange habits my brain has picked up on this journey of mine, we move on to this:  Everything has a backstory. Let’s be clear, I’m not just talking about plots in current WIPs, I’m talking about when you are at a park, or coffee shop, or library… anywhere that contains […]

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How I Knew This Novel Was the One

I’ve always been a pretty creative person, my hobbies have always bounced around some kind of art. Whether I was sketching or writing, I even crochet and do some(minor) knitting when I need to keep my hand busy. Most of those hobbies or minor projects got thrown to the side the moment something new popped […]

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To Publish or Not to Publish? 

There comes a time where every writer asks themselves: should I do it? Is this my debut novel?  I’ve been asking myself these questions from the moment the premise of my current novel found its way into my head. The idea had promise, it was original, the characters (from what I gather from my first […]

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Into the Veil (Update)

This week in my WIP:  Chapter 5 1) After Lucas and Grace have an arguement in the Veil, Grace continues reading her mother’s journal and learns about the origins of her Gift. 2) Jackie and Grace have a heart to heart about Lillian and Grace gets some of the motivation she needs to keep going. […]

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Writer Habits: Part 1

Since making the decision to actually write my novel (not just scribble some notes and banish them to the garbage can) I’ve started to pick up some useful, albeit sometimes strange habits. Some have had no outer effects on my life, others increased the amount of eye rolls I receive from my significant other. I’m […]

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